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Biotech Sanitary Valves

Sanitary Ball Valves for the Biotech Industry

The TuBore™

The TuBore™ line is Habonim’s sanitary ball valves for the Biotech industry. The valves complies with the ASME BPE standard for applications in which cleanability and drainability are essential for product quality.
The standard, highly durable stem seal for all TuBore™ valves is Habonim’s patented HermetiX™ stem seal, made solely from FDA-approved polymer materials, the HermetiX™ stem seal enhances productivity and safety by virtually eliminating leaks, shutdowns, hazardous spillage, etc.

The valve port diameter is identical to the tube inner diameter so that no expansion or contraction can take place inside the system, resulting in full drainage and zero traces that could cause contamination.
To provide superior welding quality, to avoid rouging on austenitic stainless steel surfaces, and corrosion attack on welding areas, The TuBore™ metal parts are defined, as standard, with low ferrite (FE < 2%) and controlled sulfur (0.005% < S < 0.017 %). Upon request a forged 316L stainless steel material with ferrite content less than 1% is also available.


Registered EU Design

Double Body Sealing

Superior atmospheric sealing
Fugitive emission prevention

Zero Fugitive-emission No Maintenance Stem Sealing

ISO 15848-1 & API 641 certified

Fire Safe

API 607 &
ISO 10497 certified

Superior In-line sealing


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