Control Valve Sizer (HVS)

Habonim Valve Sizer (HVS) is a unique software tool, which simplifies the task of selecting the perfect control valve package for most services. HVS has access to a database of over 5,800 different media. Accurate calculations of process Cv, valve opening percentages, velocity, critical condition warnings and predicted noise levels are just some of the many features provided by HVS in a variety of output formats. Operating in accordance with International Standards of IEC60534 and ISA 575-17 1989, HVS can be used for multiple requirements as well as individual packages.

Define the process

HVS leads the engineer step-by-step through all the parameters needed to accurately define the process from the first operating point. Simultaneously, HVS calculates the flow rate according to IEC 60534 and ISA S75-17 1989, including gases and vapors. HVS provides the industry’s most comprehensive database of coefficient parameters for more than 5,800 flow media, including density, vapor pressure, critical pressure, and saturated steam temperature at a given pressure.

Select the control valve

With the process now defined, HVS displays a list of all the control valves that meet the process acceptance criteria. Once the desired valve is chosen, HVS indicates the velocity through the valve, angle of rotation, valve modifiers and more.

Dynamic Cv correction

Unique among industry software tools, HVS automatically performs a correction of the flow rate calculation, taking into account the resistance of installed fittings.

Noise level calculation

Unlike most control sizing software programs, HVS calculates the sound pressure level for both liquids and gases. HVS provides sound pressure level at a distance of 1 m from the valve surface, and then presents the spectrum of sound levels, by frequency, in both table and bar graph format.

Define multiple operating points (min, mean, max)

It is easy to add up to two additional operating points. There is no need to re-type the parameters for each additional point – either accept the default values for the maximum flow rate, or modify them as needed.

A complete control package!

In the Accessories section you can select the best pneumatic actuator and positioner for safe operation, in accordance with site standards.



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