Installation Tips

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By following correct installation steps, you are ensuring product longevity, performance and hence – system functionality.
Please refer to Habonim installation, operating and maintenance (IOM) manuals, product catalogues and product brochures.
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  1.  It is essential to flush the line prior to assembling any valve on the line.

  2.  Carefully unpack and check the valve nameplate for identification of materials.
  3.  Remove any special packing materials surrounding the valve.
  4.  Check the valve for the flow direction indication marks. Appropriate care must be taken to install the valve for proper flow orientation.
  5.  Inspect the valve interior through the end ports to determine if it is clean and free from foreign   matter.
  6.  Cycle the valve and inspect any functional significant features.
  7.  Read all the literature and take note of any special warning tags or plates attached to the valve.
  8.  Before installation check to ensure that the flow line balls are in the fully open position to prevent   possible damage to the ball and seats. The valve performance depends on its original conditions.   At any stage do not leave the valve in the partially open position on either of the lines.
  9.  If a shut-off valve is installed for end-of-line service, it must be ensured that it is closed with a blind end connection and the valve is secured against being opened unintentionally.
  10.  Valves with temperature limited soft seats – less than 150°C / 302°F (Delrin® & UHMWPE) seats  must be disassembled before welding in-line and weld in the same method as not in-line valves.

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