Our vision

Habonim is deeply committed to the following core values that underlie our company vision:



Placing the customer at the center of our attention is our top priority as a company. We deliver our products with extended warranties and are committed to their proper operation.

We consistently base our company on supplying products that bring value to the customer, complying with high quality standards and meeting aggressive delivery dates.

We also push the company’s capabilities to the limit and adapt our products to the unique requirements of the customer.


Personal initiative

We believe that personal initiative grows and improves the organization. By definition, initiative means thinking ‘out of the box’ and taking responsibility to move an idea forward to implementation, despite internal and external obstacles.


Excellence and continuous improvement

The main reason why customers around the globe purchase Habonim products is our excellence in parameters that are important to them. Thus, we aspire to perform every task in the best manner possible, while learning lessons and continually improving infrastructure and processes within a changing and constrained environment.



Habonim management sets itself a high threshold: we demand of ourselves and expect each of our employees to give of himself beyond the standard job description and to act based on a comprehensive view of the organization.



We strive for a complete match between customer requirements and our response. We understand that our products are used by our customers in critical processes and we aim to be their preferred supplier.



We face new challenges every day. Every special project or commitment to a customer requires internal cooperation in information, knowledge and resources. We believe that a willingness to help, a respectful attitude and straightforward communications among company employees, creates mutual commitment and builds a winning team.



The foundation of professionalism at Habonim is the ability to speak the customer’s language across different sectors, applications and content domains. In addition, we expect each of our employees to bring added value and to be a knowledge center in his professional area.




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