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Zero Contamination Fire Safe Valve

A Premium Line of Valves for the  API Industry

HERMETIX™ Zero Contamination Fire Safe Valve

There is an inherent engineering dilemma when defining the piping equipment for the API industry. On the one hand, there is a mandatory requirement for fire-safe certified valves to handle flammable media in an Ex-proof zone, with graphite material being the traditional solution for the valve stem and body seals. On the other hand, there is also a mandatory requirement for only FDA approved materials to be in contact with the media, along with strict cleanliness requirements for parts used in sanitary processes.

Habonim’s response to this challenge is a premium line of products based on its patented HermetiX™ Fire Safe technology. This unique fire safe valve design includes a zero contamination HermetiX™ stem seal consisting of a Virgin PEEK thrust bearing and anti-abrasion ring, and a stem seal made of TFM material. Both virgin PEEK and TFM are FDA approved. The double body seal set is comprised of an internal PTFE body seal facing the media, and an external graphite seal to withstand the fire. This configuration effectively isolates the graphite seal in a dry cavity, preventing it from coming into contact with the media, ensuring a high level of purity for the high-value media. 


Registered EU Design

Double Body Sealing

Superior atmospheric sealing
Fugitive emission prevention

Zero Fugitive-emission No Maintenance Stem Sealing

ISO 15848-1 & API 641 certified

Fire Safe

API 607 &
ISO 10497 certified

Superior In-line sealing


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