Diverter Floating Ball 3 Piece


Size range:

1/4”- 6” (DN8-DN150)

Pressure range::

Class 600

• Three piece design
• Forged or cast body
• Full compliance with ASME B16.34 (wall thickness)
• Easy in-line serviceable with swing-out body
• Large range of end connections for full or standard port valves
• Rugged top mounting platform compliant with ISO 5211 for easy mounting of actuator and other accessories

• various configurations
• Mirror polished solid ball
• High flow capacity with low pressure drop at full opening
• Floating ball concept for positive shutoff

• One piece solid stem
• Blowout proof design
• Antistatic device

Stem seal
• HermetiX™ ISO 15848-1 certified
• High endurance up to 500 thousand cycles
• Anti-abrasion mechanism
• Live loaded

Seats and seals
• Seats and seals
• one piece integral design
• Low torque
• Rate A leakage tightness

  • D47

  • D47

  • D47


The COMPACT actuator is a quarter-turn rack & pinion pneumatic actuator that doubles the torque and cut by half the piston travel of standard pneumatic actuators.
The superior performance is achieved by Habonim’s patented four piston design, which generates torque around a centrally located piston, this translates into:
                  • Double the power for the same size actuator or Half the size for the same amount of power
                  • Much faster opening and closing time.
A full range of Mounting Kits is available, allowing optimized mounting and use of the COMPACT actuator for valve automation with Habonim’s valves and simple integration with valves that have a standard ISO-plate mounting interface.
Valve Automation Packages is offered based on Habonim’s standard and costume made valves and actuators or as costume made packages with valves, actuators and top-works per customer requests.

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Special use

Mounting kits play a major role in the proper functioning of an automated unit. The mounting kit is designed for safe installation and operation of the complete unit, having rigid construction and no sharp corners. This well-engineered product provides a wide range of movement for the spanner, allowing for easy installation and maintenance, as well as maximum worker safety.

Whether pairing Habonim valves with the Habonim Compact™ actuators, customizing a mounting kit to pair the Habonim Compact™ actuator with other valve brands or mounting Habonim valves on a wide variety of other actuator brands; Habonim is a one stop shop, offering valve automation linkage hardware for a wide range of applications.

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