Zero leak stem seal

Habonim’s standard product line covers a wide range of sizes and pressure classes, with countless variations of materials and designs to support global industrial demands. One of the unique features that Habonim provides to the industry in all its standard product lines, is the HermetiX™ stem seal (Habonim design patent).

The HermetiX™ stem seal also includes a tough thrust bearing (CF PEEK by default) located between the stem and the valve body, and an anti-abrasion ring (CF PEEK by default) located between the soft HermetiX™ stem seal and the stainless steel follower. Both elements minimize erosion and loss of preload, thus keeping the stem components in their original condition and extending their service life up to 500 thousand cycles.


The HermetiX™ stem seal is named for its distinctive “X”-shaped design. The flexible “X” shape creates a dynamic sealing arrangement so that, in the event of pressure build-up or side load, the HermetiX™ adjusts dynamically to prevent fugitive emissions. The result is a superior stem seal design compared with the conventional flat stem seals currently available on the market. 


■ Fugitive emission certified to ISO 15848-1 and API641
■ Minimizes shutdowns for maintenance up to 500,000 cycles
■ Ensures uninterrupted production
■ Anti-static as standard
■ Habonim design Patent No. D598,988

Durable fire safe HermetiX™ Valve stem sealer

Habonim’s durable fire safe stem seal design is a polymer-based stem seal and a unique trim construction that hold the stem aligned and preloaded even after a fire. The durable fire safe stem seal is suitable for use in hazardous industries like chemical, petrochemical and oil & gas applications.
where it improves the performance of the valve stem seal up to 500 thousand cycles compared to a conventional porous graphite stem seal. The HermetiX™ fire safe valve offers the ultimate solution; an exclusive durable stem seal that eliminates the risk of graphite disintegration after prolonged stem wear which protects both line media and air quality.

Zero Contamination Fire-safe Valve

This unique fire safe valve design specially designed for the biopharma industry includes the HermetiX™ stem seal consisting of a virgin PEEK thrust bearing and anti-abrasion ring, and a stem seal made of TFM material. Both virgin PEEK and TFM are FDA approved. A double body seal set is comprised of an internal PTFE body seal facing the media, and an external graphite seal to withstand the fire. This configuration effectively isolates the graphite seal in a dry cavity, preventing it from coming in contact with the media, ensuring a high level of purity for the valuable media.

■ Prevents media contamination from graphite particles
■ FDA approved polymer materials
■ Designed to operate for 500,000 cycles without refurbishment
■ Fugitive emission certified to ISO 15848-1 and API 641
■ Fire-safe design to API 607 and ISO 10497
■ Increases site safety
■ Self-relieving seats (SRS) as standard

The long-life HermetiX™ stem seal is Habonim’s patented solution for meeting the zero leakage, emission, and contamination requirements of valves for diverse use cases across a wide range of demanding sectors—energy, pharma, petrochemical, marine, and many more.




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