Actuador COMPACT

Rango de tamaño
C15, C20, C25, C30, C30M, C35, C35M, C45, C45M, C60, C60M, C75, C75M, C90, C90M
Rango de presión
44 – 116psi (3 – 8bar)

El COMPACT es un actuador neumático de piñón y cremallera de un cuarto de vuelta que duplica el par de los actuadores neumáticos estándar, lo cual se traduce en el doble de potencia para un mismo tamaño de actuador. Este rendimiento superior se ha logrado con el diseño por Habonim.

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Unique design

  • Pistons with balanced centralized forces of pistons on pinion
  1. Double the torque of same sized regular actuator
  2. Less wear & tear on moving parts
  3. Longer sealing with no maintenance
  4. Shorter and smaller pistons with shorter travel distance
  5. Compact square shape with minimized footprint
  • Shorter open/close time – allows superior ESD functionality
  1. Smaller air consumption
  2. Lightweight
  • Four short spring sets – up to three nested springs against each cylinder
  1. Selection of springs mix to provide flexible spring torques for the available air supply pressure
  2. Spring cartridge option provides higher torque with better characteristics for opening or closing
  3. Redundancy in case of spring failure – the other three springs will maintain rotation

Meticulous material, treatment and coating selection

  • Selection of body and moving parts materials to best support long lasting performance
    in harsh, controlled and clean environments
  • Structure and surface treatments of part and special coatings to ensure long lasting safe
    operation in harsh environments
  • Selection of sealing and greasing material to accommodate to low and high temperatures
    and application requirements

Standard interfaces:

  • Designed and tested in accordance with EN 15714-3 – Industrial valves – Actuators – Part 3:
    Pneumatic part-turn actuators for industrial valves – Basic requirements
  • ISO 5211 Industrial valves – part-turn actuator attachments
  • VDI/VDE 3845 (NAMUR) Industrial process control – pneumatic control valves – interfaces of valves and auxiliary equipment

Testing & acceptance criteria: 100% internal & external bubble leak tested.


COMPACT Actuator- Technical drawing
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