Cryogenic ball vales

C61W/C61C Series

טווח גודל
1/2” – 4” (DN15-DN100)
טווח לחץ
ANSI Class 600

Multiport valves are used primarily to simplify pipe and valve systems by replacing multiple two-way valves and automation devices with one multiport valve. Multiport valves minimize dead legs, optimize drainability, simplify system validation and provide a reduced envelope profile for easier installation and safer operation in constrained spaces.

Habonim’s C61 Multiport cryogenic line is extremely flexible and space saving valves.It enable the piping and machine designer to save valves, space, flow elements, while enhancing safety and simplicity.With a variety of flow patterns and directions, in both automatic and manual configurations, the multiport valve can save
2-3 valves, and facilitate safe and easy changeover and shutoff of cryogenic fluids. A variety of ball configurations for different flow patterns are available. 


קרא עוד
צור קשר



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