Habonim Industrial Valves & Actuators specially awarded by NOBLE ENERGY for Excellence in Manufacturing

NOBLE ENERGY הבונה את אסדת הטיפול בגז טבעי “לוויתן” העניקה לחברת הבונים אות ספק מצטיין במגה פרוייקט זה המבדל את הבונים מתוך מאות הספקים  בפרויקט זה.

NOBLE ENERGY decorated Habonim as LEVIATAN Excellence In Manufacturing distinguishing Habonim out of hundreds of the project suppliers.


Habonim share in Leviathan production platform, one of the largest natural gas production platform projects in the world, includes over 10,000 valves and actuators of various types and characteristics ranging from industrial high-performance ball valves through to exceptionally large and special designed Trunnion Cryogenic valves. In addition to the numerous off-the-shelf products, Habonim designed and manufactured for the Leviathan project a large amount of customized and unique ball valves solutions meeting the demanding requirements of Nobel Energy, all tested and approved for the highest quality standers for off-shore and fire safe use


The prestigious manufacturing excellence award presented to Eliad Katz, Habonim CEO by Brian Hogan, Nobel Energy Leviathan project manager, and Benny Zommer, Noble Energy vice president for regional affairs.

Habonim excellence decoration is a testimony for the company outstanding capabilities in the high-end valves design and manufacturing dedicated for the oil & gas industry and for the Natural Gas segment in particular.

It is Habonim design and manufacturing with creativity, quality and exceptional service that allowed the supply of each and every valve as defined and on schedule within this mega project!



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