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> Control Valves > HVS - Installation Manual

Habonim Valve Sizer (HVS) Installation Manual

Dear HVS member, The latest revision, HVS 1.1.10 (January 23rd 2008) is available for downloading. The following steps will guide you through the installation process of the Habonim valve sizer (HVS).

If you are already an HVS member and you want to update existing software, please uninstall all previous versions before proceeding.

  1. Save the HVS full setup.exe in your program files folder.
  2. Run the HVS  full setup.exe from program files/Habonim Ltd/Habonim Valve Sizer
  3. After installation completes start the HVS from the Windows start menu or just click on the HVS icon on your desktop.
  4. During the activation process the following message will appear, please choose the first selection (request for a license), and click next.

  5. Enter your registration information

  6. After having entered your registration information you can send them via e-mail to the HVS-support team or save them to a folder in your computer.

  7. Within 24 working hours, the Habonim Support team will process your request, and will generate your private license HVSLic.HLF SAVE the licence in your computer.
  8. You can now activate your HVS.
  9. For further assistance do not hesitate to contact the Habonim technical support team at hvs@habonim.com


Download HVS - Habonim Valve Sizer