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Habonim cryogenic valves at Coca-Cola

A Habonim cryogenic valve was installed in a gas phase separator designed for a cryogenic pipeline (Nexans, Germany) that feeds liquid nitrogen into bottling lines at a new Coca-Cola plant in the Moscow region. The gas separator unit includes a Habonim 47C series cryogenic ball valve. The valve is used to discharge the gas from the top of the cryogenic tank separator. A Habonim CompAct II actuator is operated when the nitrogen gas pressure is coming from the upper part of the separator. In the absence of pressure in the system, (piping and separa¬tor), the ball valve is closed, thus prohibiting moisture from the surrounding atmosphere from entering the system. When pressure is increased, the valve opens and the gas is released.

Habonim cryogenic control valves chosen for Cryonorm’s LOX application

Habonim was selected as the preferred vendor of cryogenic control valves for a LOX, (liquid oxygen), service facility designed by Cryonorm Projects bv for Messer, at a large steel plant in Bosnia. The valves are equipped with a unique segmented ball which controls the flow of liquid oxy¬gen to an evaporator at high differential pressure. At this critical phase of the process, a valve malfunction could freeze the evaporator and block the flow of oxygen gas necessary for the continuous operation of the furnace. This project is one more important milestone on the road of continuing successes for the
Habonim cryogenic line at air separation plants – GAN, GOX, LIN, LOX and LAR.


Leading LNG safety

Working with REPSOL Spain, an internationally recognized leader in LNG production, Ha¬bonim developed a special double block and bleed (DBB) cryogenic valve to improve the company’s safety practices when transferring gases in liquid form at very low temperatures i
n the most severe applications.
Part of Habonim’s ‘Dual Safe’ series, the DBB cryogenic valve is employed at key stages of LNG processing with a focus on safety and efficiency. The DBB technology ensures that upon completion of specific processes, there is no pressure remaining in the body between
the valves. The DBB valve contains a bleeding port to release pressure buildup in the body and a special indicator to show if there is any remaining pressure once a process is complete. Ha¬bonim’s DBB solution also features a single body construction, thereby reducing
the number of body seals, and the potential for leakage, while at the same time saving space, and provid¬ing maximum safety at the
most critical stages of LNG processing. Habonim’s DBB cryogenic valve can be operated manually or actuated.

Innovation for efficient LNG operations

In cooperation with Enric, a leading producer of LNG storage, transport, and processing equipment, Habonim developed a solution that addresses the company’s operational ef¬ficiency. Instead of the four units in their previous LNG transportation equipment, Habonim developed the Enric Valve Commutator which effectively condensed the old system into one unit. The result was operational
improvements in a number of key areas:

  • Eliminated 95% of required piping
  • Reduced costs – lower equipment costs and simplified    maintenance
  • Reduced space – system consolidated into one unit
  • Improved safety – less piping and sealing rings minimize the     leakage path
  • Flexible ‘plug and play’ system – allows for quick and easy expansion
  • Reduced energy usage